Tenant's Advantages

More money for the essentials

The 12Cheques guarantee costs the equivalent of 2% of annual rent and replaces the 1, 2 or 4 cheques you usually pay your landlord, allowing you to pay rent monthly and enjoy more flexibility.

Easy application process

12Cheques is a fully digital service with an amazing team to help you. Fill the form and get an answer with 24 hours. In case of questions, our dedicated team will help you and provide you with all the information you may require.

No long-term commitment

The 12Cheques guarantee is valid for one year from the beginning of the tenancy agreement.


What is the Guarantee?

The 12Cheques guarantee allows you to rent your next home in 12 cheques. No more 1, 2 or 4 cheques.

Our service provides your landlord the same guarantee as if you paid rent with 4 quarterly cheques and costs you only 2% of annual rent!

As a tenant, you are still liable to pay rent. Any dispute that can’t be resolved with your landlord will be settled by the Rental Dispute Center.

How it works?

You want to rent an apartment or villa

You fill the application form online and attach the requested documents

Within 24 hours, 12Cheques will process the application and you will be asked to pay the annual premium

12Cheques will issue the rental guarantee valid for 12months and send it to the broker, landlord and to you

Pay your rent monthly directly to your landlord.

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We will then guide you through the process

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