Agent's Advantages

Close more deals

In such a competitive market, you need to stand out and bring the best solutions. By offering 12Cheques you will close the gap between landlords & tenants and sign a lot more leases.

Smooth and easy application process

Applications for tenants are online we never interfere in your rental process. Plus, our team is always here to help if you have any question.

You're in safe hands

Partnered with Alliance insurance and SwissRe, our services are fully regulated by the Insurance Authority which means that you, your landlords and your reputation are fully secured.

What is

The 12Cheques rental guarantee bridges the gap between tenant and landlord and makes renting better for all. Tenants can apply a 12Cheques guarantee for the equivalent of 2% of annual rent, allowing them to pay rent monthly.

At the same time, it provides landlords the same protection as getting paid annual rent in 4 quarterly cheques. In case of unpaid rent, landlords will get paid the whole quarter.

Renting with 12Cheques provides more flexibility and help reduce vacancy. Tenants remain liable for paying rent arrears.

How it works?

Our process is very easy and secure.
Plus, we’re always there if you have any question!

Tenant and/or agent visit the apartment.

Tenant fills the application form online and attaches the requested documents.

Within 24 hours, 12Cheques will process the application.

12Cheques will issue the rental guarantee valid for 12months and send it to the agent, landlord and tenant.

If the tenant does not pay his rent, 12Cheques will pay the landlord up to the max amount of the rental guarantee and recover the money from the tenant.

Protected by the bests

is partnered with Alliance insurance PSC so landlords can enjoy the highest protection from our rental guarantee. Our 12Cheques Guarantee is fully approved by the Central Bank.

How do I get started?

To become a 12Cheques landlord, all you need to do is get in touch. We will confirm a few informations with you, you can then offer the 12Cheques guarantee directly to your tenant, or if you have an agent that rents your property, you can refer them to us.

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